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New scanner series provides step towards fully digital working

Panasonic has announced the launch of a new series of document scanners, ideal for small and medium-sized offices, alongside enterprise environments, banks, medical offices and hotels.

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THESIS to Exhibit at AIIM Forum in London on Wednesday 20th June

What is THESIS? 

THESIS is the newest Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution to launch in the UK. Built by Haulmont Technology, a software development house with over 10 years of experience, THESIS is a document and task management solution designed to digitise your business through smart business process automation.

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Panasonic: "technology can mitigate GDPR compliance risk"

Panasonic Business has stressed the importance of technology ahead of the introduction of new EU regulations on data protection.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes enforceable from 25 May 2018 with the intention of strengthening and unifying data protection for all individuals within the EU. Sanctions for data breaches are as much as €20million or up to 4% of a company's annual worldwide turnover.

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8 Signs Your ECM System Is Past It's Useful Life (nuxeo)

It's not easy to take the plunge and invest in a new Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution. After all, you wonder whether the benefits are enough to justify the investment. End the guess work. Click Here.

Panasonic supports businesses with GDPR compliance

By Robyn Boyd, Field Marketing Manager, Panasonic Business

Panasonic's scanners help organisations implement the new General Data Protection Regulations by ensuring personal information and identity are secure.

The new GDPR laws, as set out by the European Union, are being launched on 25th May 2018. These new regulations are being heavily discussed across the technology solutions industry. The aim of GDPR is to protect all EU citizens from privacy and data breaches in a fast-changing, increasingly data-driven world. The biggest concern for many industry members is the risk of large penalties. Organisations in breach of GDPR can be fined up to four percent of their global revenue or upwards of €20 Million (depending on which is the greater amount).

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Repstor Prepares for Increased Growth in 2018 and Bolsters its Sales & Support Team with Several Key Appointments

The Top 15 Deloitte Fast 50 company looks forward to another year of growth as demand for its Office 365, M-Files, OpenText and Box-based content management solutions soars. 

Belfast, January 15th , 2018 – Repstor, the ECM adoption company that helps businesses exploit their SharePoint, Office 365 and ECM investments, has announced a number of key appointments in its sales and support functions.  The company which shot straight into the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in 11th place in its first ever ranking late in 2017 has made several new sales hires and continues its recruitment drive into 2018.  Amongst the latest appointees are:-

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Using Deep Neural Networks to Revolutionize the Image Capture Process
Wim De Maertelaere, Moonoia     June 2017

New developments in Deep Neural Networks allow you to automate how important information is identified, captured, and/or classified. You don´t need to manually sort and index information anymore. Let the machines take over with better performance, accuracy, and consistency.

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Repstor Unveils New Mobile Content Management Suite
Carina Birt, Repstor     
June 2017

Repstor, the ECM adoption company that helps businesses exploit their SharePoint and Office 365 investments, today launched a new mobile content management suite providing improved continuity for information workers on the go....

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The Challenge of Handwriting Recognition and Extraction
Wim De Maertelaere, Moonoia      June 2017

Identifying and extracting handwritten information is still a challenge in the scanning process. The reasons for that are plenty: original documents may have poor quality as paper deteriorates easily; notes may have been written on the fly; signatures are almost always unreadable (not to mention that half of the population writes "1" as if it were "7" and the other half writes "7" as if it were "4"!) All jokes aside, let’s face it – we don't concentrate on having good handwriting when filling in forms, and most of the time we don't write within the text fields on the document....

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The Intelligent Metadata Layer: A Repository Agnostic Approach to ECM
M-Files        June 2017

Managing business information is more complicated today than ever. The amount of data is exploding—according to The Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research, the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia, over 90% of the world’s data has been generated in the last two years—and it’s not slowing down. As a result, individual businesses are finding it harder and harder to effectively manage the information they need to get the job done and stay competitive....

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Portable Filing

Fergus Wilson, CTO, Repstor        June 2017

If mobile knowledge work is to be more collaborative than just sending and receiving emails, we need to make it easier for users to file more efficiently on the go, says Repstor’s CTO, Fergus Wilson...

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Could a Robot do your Job?
Ruth Williams, Head of Marketing, Restore Scan         May 2017

Whether your answer to this question is "Great! – I’m ready for a change” or "I hope not, I love my job,” you can probably not realistically imagine your role being automated.Some ‘doom and gloom’ news reports would have you believe that we, as a working species, are under threat from Artificial Intelligence and an army of robots, but there are two sides to every story....

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The Practicalities of Applying Intelligent Automation
Gary Harrold, CEO of Swiss Post Solutions UK           May 2017

Getting to grips with Intelligent Automation means looking beyond the hype to find the practical applications and to thoroughly investigate the value it brings to your business. Although RPA helps process structured information, the high volumes of multi -channel unstructured data arriving in businesses create the biggest challenge and the biggest opportunity....

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In-house legal teams need to digitise too – so why aren’t they better served by document management technology?
Graham Richardson, Head of Eversheds Sutherland Consulting    April 2017

According to new research, 40% of company legal teams have difficulty looking up matter status, and over a fifth lack the reporting capabilities taken for granted by other business functions. And, compared to private law firms, these legal functions are poorly served by technology providers – something we’ve set out to change....

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The Science Behind Humanizing the Digital Experience
David Lavenda, Vice President of Product Strategy,    April 2017

The way we process thought is not something most people think about — it’s something we just do. Our thinking patterns happen subconsciously, ingrained through generations of evolutionary adaptation. And over time, we humans have become adept at collecting signals from our five senses, analyzing each signal, and then making sense of it all by classifying signals into logical categories or topics.....

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4 Ways to Rethink How You Manage Information

Atle Skjekkeland, Senior Vice President, AIIM                       April 2017

Cloud, mobile, consumerization and the Internet of Things with Big Data are changing enterprise IT and significantly impacting how we manage information assets. The cloud is becoming the new IT platform for companies of all sizes....

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What role do you predict automation will play in the legal sector?
Paul Moonan, Managing Director, Restore Scan                       April 2017

Automation is rapidly encroaching on the legal profession, perhaps in the way industrialisation caught up with the luddites. Even practices and chambers with a forward-thinking approach to IT integration might benefit from outsourced support...

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How to meet Public Sector Digital Targets with a Digital Mailroom
Paul Moonan, Managing Director, Restore Scan                       April 2017

Paul Moonan, Managing Director at Restore Scan, highlights key ways in which the implementation of a digital mailroom can bring cost savings and efficiency benefits to Public Sector organisations under pressure to digitise....

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Sink or Swim: Managing the Growing Flood of Dark Data with EIM
Mika Javanainen, Vice President, Product Management, M-Files  September 2016

One of the challenges for many enterprise information management (EIM) initiatives is the volume, variety and velocity of data that organizations manage continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. And while that information holds massive potential for businesses that harness it successfully, it also presents incredible difficulties, such as the increasing emergence of dark data...

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The End of the Beginning for ECM
Greg Milliken, Vice President of Marketing, M-Files  September 2016

The announcement of the acquisition of Documentum by OpenText earlier this week brought this historic statement to mind, as it sheds light on how we at M-Files perceive this milestone in the enterprise content management (ECM) market. In the words of Cheryl McKinnon of Forrester, it represents a "changing of the guard,” but we also see it as much more... 

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Emerging from the Information Chaos
Rich Tribe, Revolution Events                                                 May/ June 2016

It has become a major challenge to design document and content management processes that can withstand the huge demands of a constantly shifting information landscape – but standing still is not an option either. Fortunately, help is at hand at the forthcoming AIIM Forum UK on 22nd June in London …

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Repstor Announces CRM Link – the Dynamics CRM and ECM connector for Office 365®
Olivia Bushe, Repstor                                                 24th June 2015

At AIIM Forum UK, Repstor today announced the launch of its newest addition to the Repstor suite of products, Repstor CRM Link, the Dynamics CRM and ECM connector for Microsoft Office 365®.

Repstor CRM Link provides users with a secure and fast link to Dynamics CRM and SharePoint (or other ECM Systems) from within Microsoft Outlook.

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Is ECM as we know it, dead? AIIM brings its vision for a new era of information management to Europe at AIIM Forum UK
Paul Allen, Sarum PR                                                    11th May 2015

Information professionals across Europe to hear thought leaders including AIIM’s John Mancini and Severn Trent PLC’s Group CIO.

Silver Spring, Md., May 11, 2015 – The AIIM Forum UK, which takes place on 24 June 2015 in London, will see an impressive line-up of speakers and thought leaders gather to discuss the factors behind a new era of information management.

Keynote speakers include; John Mancini, President, AIIM; Doug Miles, Director of AIIM Market Intelligence; and Myron Hrycyk, Group CIO, Severn Trent PLC, who will be presenting on ‘Information Transformation at Severn Trent PLC’.

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