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The continued convergence of technologies is signalling the end of the ECM Era as we have known it. Organisations are struggling with best practices and norms as they make the transition to this sixth era dominated by Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, Collaboration and the consumerisation of IT - and the companies that provide the vital supporting technologies are rapidly changing shape.

There are several significant trends emerging from this transition:

  • New approaches to privacy and securityUbiquitous broadband connectivity

  • Smarter and more secure mobile applications

  • Increasing variety of devices and data access points

  • Bottom-up rather than top-down innovation

  • Growing volumes of virtual and distributed work

  • A shortage of IT integration and analytic skills

  • Increased regulation of the cloud at government level

The problem is not that ECM is no longer relevant. It is a good description of the set of capabilities that evolved from document management and workflow, and a good label for the technologies and capabilities needed to automate relatively static, document-intensive, mission-critical processes.

"Every organization, every executive, every individual, every object is on a digital journey and content is at the heart of that journey,” notes futurist Thornton May. "Content is ubiquitous and critical, but ECM is rapidly becoming invisible.”

As an industry and as information professionals, we often explain the business problems we solve in "elevator pitches” that would take a 4,000-story elevator to tell and use insider terms that the business just doesn’t get. And our pitches can be so rooted in where we have been that we forget to tell people where we are going. So let’s start making the case for better information processes in straight-forward terms that everyone understands...

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