Ariel Peled

CTO & Founder, DocAuthority

Ariel Peled is a co-founder and the CTO of DocAuthority.  Ariel is a pioneer in the information security software market and was the first to introduce a DLP product and file DLP patents.  In 2000 Ariel founded PortAuthority, which was later acquired by Websense.  The DLP product Ariel developed at PortAuthority is still a major piece in Websense’s offering, eight years after the sale.  Earlier Ariel held various positions at Microsoft.   In 2006, Ariel founded Nogacom, an Automatic Document Classification company, and served as its Co-CEO until May 2010.  Ariel filed 25 patents, was the Founder and CEO of PUBLICi (2011-2013) and served as the president of Israel’s ISSA chapter from 2003 till 2012.  Ariel holds a B.Sc. degree in computer engineering from the Technion.  

Session Details

D3. Leveraging AI for Taxonomy Generation and Records Management Automation
2.00pm - 2.30pm

We all know that identifying and managing large numbers of records has been a laborious ongoing task that often results in high levels of inaccuracy. In this session Ariel Peled of DocAuthority will discuss how organisations can now leverage powerful AI to quickly and efficiently identify millions of records with incredibly high level of confidence and accuracy making it easier for organisations to manage manage allowing organisations to delete safely and with confidence.