In the Spotlight: Kodak Alaris

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What attracted you to the AIIM Forum UK event?

Kodak Alaris attends the AIIM event for a few years now. It is a great opportunity to meet people from the same industry, exchange ideas and learn from each other. It also offers a great opportunity to listen to customer pain points and get real insight into their day to day capture needs.

Where do you see the Information Management industry heading over the next few years?

During the next few years we see that the Information Management industry mainly consists of software providers. It is important to adapt to digital organisations and start managing digital information online and offline. Kodak Alaris' software portfolio does for example not only manage scanned documents, but also files coming from emails, shared folders or other sources. We also see AI having a big impact on the way people work. Minimising transaction times, reducing document processing errors and positively impacting operational costs will be driven by AI.

When you think about the industry, what keeps you awake at night?

Information and data management does get another meaning when it comes to the GDPR regulation which will come into force in the end of May, 2017. As most industries are still storing paper documents with personal data on it could cause problems for organisations. Being able to discover what personal data an organisation has, which documents contain personal data and where those documents are located is going to be more important than ever.

If you have been to the AIIM Forum UK event before, what was your highlight?

The highlight is the exchange of information with people working in the same industry or attendees who are interested in the same topic. It is interesting to meet the same people every year and observe the different strategies that are taken towards digital transformation.

What do you feel is the most pressing pain point of end-users in the industry for 2018?