In the Spotlight: Rishi Kathuria

Company Name: THESIS - by Haulmont

Job Title: Business Development Director 

LinkedIn Profile:

What attracted you to the AIIM Forum UK event?

We have been looking for a leading information management event to provide thought leadership, speak to people about their common business process issues and assist them in resolving those issues. The forum was the best place to do so for us.

Where do you see the Information Management industry heading over the next few years?

The industry is heading digital. For organisations to embrace digital strategy effectively, they need to have the infrastructure and technology in place to do so. Cloud applications, SaaS based technology and platforms as a service are all going to be commonplace within the next 5 years as organisations move away from on-premise data storage. Remote working, mobile access and GDPR will all be at the forefront of the CIO's digital strategy.

When you think about the industry, what keeps you awake at night?

The speed in which technology moves, it becomes difficult for software vendors to sometimes keep up.

If you have been to the AIIM Forum UK event before, what was your highlight?

Highlight has to be the peer to peer interactions. Everyone comes to the AIIM Forum with a desire to learn - both attendees and sponsors. That is unique in this industry.

What do you feel is the most pressing pain point of end-users in the industry for 2018?

How to move from paper to digital.