Charles Ewen

Chief Information Officer, Met Office

Charles is responsible for the development and implementation of the ICT Strategy and for the internal technical teams within the Technology Information Services Directorate - and work closely with the Science teams to operate our High Performance Computing capability. The Met Office relies heavily upon cutting-edge IT to improve the quality of forecast services and increasingly to make those services accessible and effective for customers and the Public.

He has worked for the Met Office in a number of senior technology roles since 2008 and, prior to that, worked in the Business-to-Business online retail and distribution industry. During this time he's used relevant technologies to transform businesses from traditional retail approaches to being internet and technology capable. As well as a number of consulting appointments, he has also worked within the Premier Farnell group of companies for over 10 years. Charles ran his own small technology company and started his career as an Electronics Engineer in the defence industry.

Session Details

Opening Keynote: Riding the Data Storm
9.30am - 10.00am
Keynote Room

The Met Office is the UK's weather and climate agency with a mission to save lives and property by delivering insights into the impact of future weather and climate.

It operates vast infastructure which generates vast data. At this scale, the notion of big data 'collect and keep' and generating value and insight from the data requires new approaches. Despite these challenges, the Met Office continues to be a world leader by re-imagining the process of extracting value from data, the approaches they use and the technologies involved.

Going back to the very basics of what IT is and what it is for, Charles Ewen will share how the Met Office exploits and leverages both emerging and maturing technologies. His insights will have huge relevance to all technology and business leaders as big data gets even bigger and "value extraction" becomes ever more challenging.



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